GeniScale was a pilot project and is discontinued. If you are interested in this project and would like to help it be realized or invest on it you are very welcome. For any questions please send us an e-mail (please visit Contact us page. Working out your e-mails can take more time than usual.)

These are some of main features of GeniScale, enjoy it

GeniScale is a multi functional gadget. It could be used for the usual usages of an ordinary scale (kitchens, and bathrooms), as well as for the usages of a large scale (e.g. for weighing wooden beams, boats, and motorcycles). In addition, you can use this device as diet tracker, weight alert system, cooking alert, occupancy alert and even more. It is a portable pocket-sized, stand-alone or network-enabled scale with no display screen which works based on an app on smartphone or tablet. It uses Bluetooth to communicate with a smartphone app and can measure a wide range of weights with accuracy.

The GeniScale is pocket-sized, portable, and easy to use.

The GeniScale can measure a wide range of weights from (o.1 ounce) 1 gram to hundreds of pounds (kilograms) with a rechargeable battery and a USB connector.


Different measurement units, 0 to 9 lb (0 to 4 kg) 0.1 ounce (1 gram) resolution and 0 to 440 lb (0 to 200 kg) 0.2 lb (0.1 kg) resolution for standalone use and also 0 to 4400 lb (0 to 2000 kg) when use in network. Prototype dimension: 4x4x1 inch (10x10x2.5 cm)

Every time track your diet

Geniscale can travel everywhere and give you information on the weight and specifications of the food you are consuming. You can weigh yourself on the Geniscale before and after any activity that can affect your weight such as eating and jogging and then analyze a graph of your weight changes or your sports and eating habits via an app.

Also weigh yourself

For measuring your body weight, just step on the Geniscale with one foot to see the weight on your smartphone. To keep your balance, you can lean on a wall. You can also use a board as an interface, then set the calibration to zero and step on the board. You can use two GeniScales too.

GeniScale and its app

The GeniScale has an app for settings, calibration, data analysis, and display. This app is open source and anyone can use its static library to write a new app for it (e.g. apps for dieting, calorie measurement, sleep quality assessment, weight fluctuation diagrams, etc.).

GeniScale is washable!

You may wash your GeniScale before use it in your kitchen. You could weigh objects under the rain, in the swimming pool, at the seaside, in the kitchen washing sink, in the shower, or in the bathtub. The Geniscale will come in really handy.

You may need some alarms!

With GeniScale’s app you can set alerts for over or under an established set pint. You can set the alarm to alert you by your smartphone not only when the load is going over or below a designated amount but also when a certain percentage of its initial amount is changed.

Network scale for large items!

Several Geniscales can be connected together and work as one large scale for weighing objects in large dimensions.

Do you need to know your boat weight?

To weigh objects with large dimensions you may want to weigh an object you can never place on a regular scale. There may be no simple and cheap way to weigh a ping-pong table or a dining table, a bookcase, but the GeniScale will turn the task into a piece of cake! Simply place a few GeniScales in appropriate places under the object such that no part of the latter touches the ground and view the sum of the weight on your smartphone app.

Simply place a few GeniScales in appropriate places under the object

You can use GeniScale to weigh industrial items such as wooden and metal beams or to weigh agricultural items.

Magic weighing!

Place one Geniscale under bases of a large load one at a time and get the total weigh at the end. Genisclae app will do the math from the received data and shows you the final weigh.

What about a cooking alert!

Imagine you’re camping or you are at home and placed a pot of food over the fire but you're very busy elsewhere that you can’t bother constantly checking on the food. Geniscale app, can alert you when, for example, the liquid level in a pot of soup is getting low and food may burn. It was an example of the GeniScale’s under load alert system.

See how the GeniScale app informs you

What you need to do is simply place a GeniScale under one leg of a barbeque device and set alarm on the app.

Occupancy alert!

To detect the presence of a person or an object in a certain place. For example, Geniscale can be placed under your child's bed and its occupancy alarm setting adjusted so that you can keep track of the child’s staying in or leaving the bed during the night. The occupancy alarm is another example of under load overload alarm system. As an overload alarm, imagine you are filling a small children’s pool with water; GeniScale will alert you when the pool gets filled.

Convert your sofa to a large scale

To weigh several large items together, you can even change a table or a sofa into a large scale.

To weigh hand luggage and suitcases at the airport yourself

There are occasions when you need to readjust the weight of your luggage at the airport. For instance, when you're traveling as a group and some folks have over weight baggage, Geniscale could help you divide the excess weight into lighter luggage.