Additional Functions

GeniScale could work as sleep sensor

There are many high-selling apps such as Sleep Cycle on smartphones that assess sleep quality and act as smart alarm clocks. The downside to such apps is that the smartphone must be plugged into an outlet and placed on the bed.

To record body movement during sleep

In contrast, the Geniscale, can be placed under your mattress to record your body movements during sleep.

Emergency Battery Charger

GeniScale can be used as an external battery pack to charge your smartphone or tablet, etc.

Low energy Bluetooth technology and tracking system.

Put a GeniScale in your suitcase and with a low energy Bluetooth technology, track your luggage in airports.

Temperature sensor

You can place GeniScale inside or outside and read its measurement on your smartphone.

LED light!

GeniScale has a bright LED. It can be used as a source of light and you can turn the LED on or off with your app.