The first multi-range,
portable pocket-sized,
network digital scale: weighing solution,
many things anywhere and anytime.

Geniscale is a portable pocket-sized stand-alone or network-enabled scale with no display screen and based on smartphone or tablet apps. It uses Bluetooth to communicate with a smartphone app and can measure a wide range of weights with accuracy.
Geniscale can be used for the usual usability of an ordinary scale (e.g. in stores, kitchens, and bathrooms) as well as for the usage of a large scale (e.g. weighing wooden beams, boats, and motorcycles).
In addition, this device can be used as a weight alert system and occupancy alert. Geniscale has several lateral features, some of which are ready to use and some that are app potential for app developers to provide for the Geniscale by use of its open source static library. These lateral features include but are not limited to, sleep analyzer, Bluetooth luggage tracker, emergency battery charger, temperature sensor, LED flash light, etc.

Main features:

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the prominent features of the Geniscale followed by more detailed descriptions.

  • Geniscale is pocket-sized, portable, and user-friendly.
  • Geniscale can measure a wide range of weights from grams to hundreds of kilograms (and ounces to hundreds of pounds). The weighing range: From 0 to 9 pounds (0 to 4 kg) 0.1 ounce (1 gram) resolution, and from 0 to 440 pounds (0 to 200 kg), 0.2 lb (0.1 kg) resolution for standalone use and also 0 to 4400 lb (0 to 2000 kg) when use in network.
  • Geniscale does not have a display screen and transmits its measurements via Bluetooth to an app installed on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Geniscale has an app for settings, calibration, data analysis, and display. This app is open source and anyone can use its static library to write a new app for it (e.g. apps for dieting, calorie measurement, sleep quality assessment, weight fluctuation diagrams, etc.).
  • Geniscale can be used as an alarm for overload, under load, and occupancy.
  • Several Geniscale can be connected to one another as a network scale for weighing objects in large dimensions.
  • Four Geniscales placed under the four legs of a sofa will turn it into a scale itself.
  • The Geniscale is washable and water resistant. It can be used in the rain or wet environments.
  • Geniscale comes with a USB battery charger for its rechargeable battery.
    • Foreword

      The desire to create apps for smartphones and tablets has reached fever pitch, with many trying to draw on the possibilities of these devices to conceive interesting and ingenious applications. As the app of GeniScale has an open static library, other novel applications are possible for the Geniscale. A new app can be written and placed on the App Store or other online distribution platforms. Our team at Geniscale welcomes new and innovative applications, apps and eye-catching designs for accessories. Successful collaborations will be featured on the Geniscale website. Geniscale is a portable scale that combines various scales and alarms. Aside from fulfilling what small ordinary scales do, such as kitchen scales, bathroom scales, and calorie scales, the Geniscale can weigh large-scale loads such as boats, race cars, bicycles, and motorbikes. The following are instances of the various applications of the Geniscale:

      1. To control weight and dieting
        The market is teeming with apps for weight control and dieting and scales for weighing foods and calculating their calories. These scales and their related apps enable you to exert a more rigorous control over your diet and weight fluctuations, but these devices are not portable and belong in the kitchen. In contrast, Geniscale can travel everywhere: home, work, park, swimming pool, gym, party, supermarket, restaurant, etc., and give you information on the weight and specifications of the food you are consuming. You can weigh yourself on the Geniscale before and after any activity that can affect your weight such as eating and jogging and then analyze a graph of your weight changes or your sports and eating habits via an app. You can share these changes in your weight, eating habits, and diet with your friends via an app on social networking sites such as Facebook. The weight-control part is one of the areas where smartphone and tablet app designers can utilize the static library we provide to create new apps for the users of the Geniscale.
      2. To weigh hand luggage and suitcases at the airport yourself
        Air flight passengers are forever saddled with the hassle of their luggage weight. Of course, a bog-standard bathroom scale can help you weigh and adjust your luggage, but then again, there are occasions when you need to readjust the weight of your luggage at the airport. For instance, when you are traveling as a group and one or two of your companions have excess baggage, you can use the Geniscale to balance the weight of the different pieces of luggage among the members of your party. Or when you buy a couple of items from duty-free shops, you can weigh them then and there so that you can distribute the weight appropriately and according to weight allowance between your hand luggage and suitcases. Sometimes during international flights, you have to change airlines, each of which may have different weight allowances: Geniscale enables you to swap some of the contents of your hand luggage, carry-on and suitcases.
      3. To weigh shopping items
        There are various situations where you need to weigh an item yourself before paying for it. Let's say you may want to weigh fruit; shoes; clothes; household items like furniture, television, kitchen utensils, and mattresses; and construction materials such as wooden beams, tiles, and bricks. Also, Geniscale can help verify the accuracy of the weight printed on an item.
      4. To weigh items when traveling, camping, picnicking, fishing, hiking, mountaineering, etc.
        You can use Geniscale to weigh yourself or the items you carry in any of the activities mentioned above. Suppose you are on a trekking holiday and want to divide the load among the members of the group, you can simply rely on your Geniscale to do the job for you!
      5. To weigh someone or something secretly
        You can place four Geniscale sunder the four legs of an armchair to create a permanent scale and weigh anyone sitting on it. Needless to say, make sure you don't infringe on others rights!
      6. To detect the presence of a person or an object at a certain place
        For instance, you can place the Geniscale under your child's bed and adjust its occupancy alarm setting so that you can keep track on whether the child is staying in or leaving the bed during the night. Also, before entering the house, you can find out if a certain place (e.g. a sofa) inside the house is occupied.
      7. To determine whether an object is full or empty
        You can define a set point on the relevant app for an alert to go off. For instance, you can place the Geniscale in the washing sink under a pot, turn on the faucet, and whenever the weight of the water in the pot reaches the set point you have defined in the app, the alarm will go off and you turn off the faucet. Also, imagine you’re camping and you have placed a pot of food over the fire to cook but you are so busy elsewhere that you can’t bother to constantly check on the food. What you need to do is simply place a Geniscale near the pot, use a wooden stick as a lever between the handle of the pot and the device, and measure the percentage of the weight of the pot that is on the Geniscale. Next, adjust the alarm on the app, as appropriate, for example on a 10% reduction in the original weight. So, when that set percentage of the water in the pot has vaporized, the alarm will go off. You can do the same for various things such as decrease of the intravenous fluid, reduction of the fish-tank water, filling up of the bathtub, and weight of the snow on the rooftop.
      8. To keep your balance when exercising
        Many sports such as bodybuilding and aerobic require that the athlete exert equal pressure on both sides of the body. For instance, imagine you want equal pressure on both arms. All you need to do is place a Geniscale under each hand.
      9. To weigh an object without the need to move it
        Sometimes it's hard or even impossible to move an object and place it on a scale. For instance, if you want to weigh the objects you keep on top of a wardrobe or a picture hanging on the wall or a chandelier, you can place one or more Geniscales in appropriate places to weigh the objects without having to move them.
      10. To weigh objects with large dimensions
        You may want to weigh an object you can never place on a regular home scale. There may be no simple and inexpensive way to weigh a ping-pong table or a dining table, a bookcase, a bed, a mattress, a camping tent, a boat, a small airplane, a go-cart, a wooden beam, etc., but the Geniscale will turn the task into a piece of cake! Simply place Geniscales in appropriate places under the object such that no part of the latter touches the ground and view the sum of the weight on your smartphone app.
      11. Magic weighing; place one Geniscale under bases of a large load one at a time and get the total weigh at the end. Genisclae app will do the math from the received data and shows you the final weigh.
      12. Industry and agriculture
        GeniScale can be used to weigh industrial items such as wooden and metal beams or to weigh agricultural items.
      13. To record body movements during sleep
        There are many high-selling apps such as Sleep Cycle on smartphones that assess sleep quality and act as smart alarm clocks. The downside to such apps is that you need to keep your smartphone plugged into an outlet and place it on your bed. In contrast, you can place the Geniscale, rather than your smartphone, under your mattress to record your body movements during sleep without worrying about your smartphone falling off the bed or subjecting your brain to its dangerous waves. This is also another area where you can use the static library that comes with the Geniscale at no charge and create new apps.
      14. To weigh objects where there is water
        GeniScale can be used in situations where ordinary scales may be damaged by water. For instance, you may want to weigh objects in the rain, in a swimming pool, at the seaside, in the kitchen washing sink, in the shower, or in the bathtub; then the Geniscale will come in really handy.