A few years ago, I saw a very funny cartoon where someone was standing on his iPhone to weigh himself. At the time, I thought to myself it would be great if you could carry a small, light and yet accurate scale with you. Anyway, fast forward a few years until last year, when I was assigned by the company I work for to head a project aimed at designing and manufacturing a super-accurate digital scale. I currently run designing and prototyping projects at the electronic department of a research company. I have a great deal of experience in designing digital and micro controller based circuits as well as wireless connections such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, and Wi-Fi. I'm also completely au fait with the concepts of power, structures, and strength of materials and have carried out several projects of mass-producing specialized electronic boards with applications in medicine and automation. To cut a long story short, I finished the project of making a super-accurate digital scale with flying colors. But it was while working on that project that I hit on the idea of designing a scale app for smartphones. Needless to say, there have already been a large number of scales for smartphones that are either useless or are only capable of estimating the weight of a light object placed on the smartphone via the vibration it creates, with poor accuracy. At first, I figured it was possible to use the inclinometer app on the smartphone to design a scale, but then a whole host of calculations later, I got to the conclusion that the app would turn out to be no great shakes because it would need a catalogue of tiresome calculations. And then came the light-bulb moment: it dawned on me that I could design a very good electronic scale that would be both small and practical and could be connected to a smartphone or a tablet via Bluetooth. The more I weighed up this idea and its capabilities and usages, the more interesting I found it; and I thought if anyone had already made a similar device, I would definitely buy it. Well, that idea of mine is now past its designing and prototyping stage and stands on the verge of mass production: only, it needs your favorable response in Kickstarter to be able to hit the market.
H-Ali Namazi,
Creator of GeniScale